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London pub wedding

Nancy and Sean

I often say that my aim is to make wedding photos that are interesting to people who are indifferent to weddings. Weddings are inherently beautiful, you see, regardless of where they are, whether in a communal hall or opulent London townhouse. They are social gatherings, magnified by their scarcity and significance, where guests revel in a homage to a ritual union. They are whirlwinds of confetti, Prosecco, and eloquent speeches, all orbiting the centuries-old custom of marriage. Yet, at its core, the occasion is tied together by your people

As your wedding photographer, I have the privilege to balance the subtle dance between candid reportage and artistry. My mission? To capture the spirit of the day and to make your photos interesting – even to those who have no interest in weddings.

Nancy and Sean’s London pub wedding was a jubilant celebration held on the year’s hottest day. They got married at St Marylebone Parish Church and celebrated in a small little pub round the corner. Such is the ever transient nature of London that a quaint little space, more familiar with the brogues of lunchtime city workers, became transformed for a few hours into what seemed like the centre of the world.


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