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Wayne La // Contemporary wedding photography filled with warmth and wit. Based in London, available anywhere.

You see your wedding as a celebration of community and love – with the people you love.

You want photos that remind you of the spirit of the day, unguarded, unscripted, yet full of artistry.

You believe there are possibilities for the amusing and serendipitous to go with the extraordinarily beautiful.

The photos I make are about you and for you. No templates. I’m based in London and will travel where there are photos to be made.

photo of groom prep in a london hotel. A quirky wedding photo of male holding an iron wearing long pink socks and underwear
candid photo of bride surrounded by children
photo of bride and groom in an islamic / muslim wedding. An artistic style photo with heads obscured by shadow and closeup of their hands decorated with henna.
a wedding portrait of two grooms. They shield their eyes from the sun. Taken at London wedding venue Hotel Cafe Royal
wedding party walking in the streets of London