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Confetti toss at a London wedding
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Wedding ceremony at Fanhams Hall
Unposed photo of bride and groom at Asian wedding
Wedding ceremony at Prestwold Hall
London wedding photography of wedding party walking through Tower Bridge
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black and white wedding photo of bride and groom at London wedding



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You see your wedding as a celebration of love – with the people you love.  You want natural wedding photography that reflect you, unguarded and unscripted.

You view your big day as a celebration of life at a wedding; that there are possibilities for amusing and serendipitous to go with the extraordinarily beautiful, because you know a great song isn’t just a rousing chorus, and fairytales aren’t just about the Cinderellas!

I’m Wayne La, a documentary wedding photographer covering joyful occasions across the UK and beyond.

Wayne La, London wedding photographer


I saw one of those ‘about me’ videos on another photographer’s website once; Lovely husband and wife team with their kids, somewhere in the States.  It was kinda like a day in the life of us but in the style of a John Lewis Christmas advert.  The imperfections were perfect: a bit of toothpaste on the corner of the little boy lovingly dabbed away by mum; coffee that was too hot to drink but allowed for a sensual close-up of the rising steam.  Mmmm fragrant!  Having dropped the kids off at the their grandparents, the final frames of the film were of the couple packing the camera gear to spend the day being wedding photography rock stars.  So cool!

Their typical day is so far removed from ours.  Toast for brekkie if I can find some kitchen surface, arguments about whose turn it is to take the dog out, a toddler’s bum needs wiping if we can catch him.  If we’re using John Lewis as a lifestyle frame of reference then ours is probably closer to Iceland.

I’ve never actually given these ‘about me’ pages much thought as I’m of the mind that my work should speak for itself.  Although mostly true, I can see why it’s beneficial to know a little about a stranger who will be taking pictures of you on your wedding day.

The most important part of me, you already know – I’m married to Debbie and we have three children.  What else, what else:

  • We got married in Las Vegas in 2003 and I dearly wish we had a photographer.
  • Debbie taught me to ski by pushing me down a red run.  I now snowboard
  • I have the opening lines from Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road’ playing in my head several times a day.

Not very exciting I’m afraid but like my photography, it’s real and honest.  There’s plenty more depth in there and if you get the chance to meet me for a coffee, you’re absolutely welcome to dig away.


love, life, joy and quirkiness included


real > pretty

feelings > aesthetics

timeless > trendy


Rather than idealised, you want real life; rather than sanitised, you want life in all it’s quirky glory.  You want natural wedding photos that make your heart sing…and then shout louder as time goes by.

Please do get in touch if my work and words resonates with you.

bride and groom in London

Katie and Isaac

Firstly, thank you so much. Truth be told we’ve not stopped looking at them. We’re obsessed!
Secondly, you captured the day so perfectly. Every single hysterical, mental, magic moment. Exactly what we wanted in all it’s real glory. Every time we look at them we find new details we’ve missed and new laughs.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

I am

a London wedding photographer with a documentary approach.  Relaxed, unposed and natural photography driven by moments. UK and Europe.