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Wayne La // playfully unique wedding photography filled with warmth and wit. London-based.

You see your wedding as a celebration of community and love – with the people you love.

You want photos that remind you of the spirit of the day, unguarded, unscripted, yet full of artistry.

You believe there are possibilities for the amusing and serendipitous to go with the extraordinarily beautiful.

I create fun and unique wedding photography: an unconstrained record of your day with all the quirks, connections and foibles.

a bride in a London pub walks across the room which is full of guests. Their faces are obscured. She wears a white dress and is lit with tungsten lamps.
A cluttered room with the groom ironing clothes behind a grey ironing board. He looks at the camera and is posing. He is holding a black iron. There are clothes, a belt, and sunglasses on the white bed in front of them. There is also a kitchenette and a wardrobe in the background.
The image depicts a vibrant wedding scene with guests in diverse attire, suggesting a multicultural celebration. The setting is outdoors, in front of an elegant building with arches and stonework, adorned with floral decorations. Key details include:<br />
Guests in elegant outfits, one in a blue dress with sparkles, another in a floral design, and a person in traditional Sikh attire.<br />
A woman stands out in an ornate teal and gold traditional Indian outfit.
candid photo of bride surrounded by children
bride in a detailed white dress, seated and enjoying a drink amidst guests at a wedding reception held at the Greenwich Yacht Club. The setting is indoors with ample natural light coming through large windows or glass walls. Tables adorned with elegant settings including flowers and tableware are visible
A Jewish bride stands in a detailed white gown, surrounded by her elegantly dressed guests. The lush greenery of St Stephen’s House and Gardens provides a picturesque backdrop for this outdoor wedding ceremony. The guests extend their arms in celebration, creating an atmosphere of joy and love.
The image is a wedding portrait taken on Wimpole Street in the City of Westminster, London. It features a couple in wedding attire sharing a moment on the sidewalk. The bride, dressed in white, is holding a bouquet of flowers, and the groom is wearing a dark suit. They are standing next to an elegant black wrought iron railing. The classic London architecture, with brick facades and white trim around large windows, forms the backdrop. The lighting suggests it’s either early morning or late afternoon, casting long shadows and highlighting the couple with a warm glow.
An image capturing a heartfelt moment at a wedding reception. The scene includes four adults and two children, attentively listening to a speech. The groom, is standing and holding papers of his speech. The table is elegantly set with white tablecloths, wine glasses, and red flowers as centerpieces. The bride is seated at the table, engaged in the speech. Another woman wearing formal attire and a fascinator hat is also present, looking towards the speaker. The bride's father is holding a child on his lap is seated next to them, both attentive to the ongoing speech.
photo of bride and groom in an islamic / muslim wedding. An artistic style photo with heads obscured by shadow and closeup of their hands decorated with henna.
photo of bride and groom in an islamic / muslim wedding. An artistic style photo with heads obscured by shadow and closeup of their hands decorated with henna.
a wedding portrait of two grooms. They shield their eyes from the sun. Taken at London wedding venue Hotel Cafe Royal
A newlywed couple and two bridesmaids are dressed in formal attire and appear to be at a wedding event, standing in front of a modern building under a clear sky. Two individual, hold bouquets of flowers—one in a traditional white wedding gown with lace sleeves, and the other in dark attire. The third person wears a grey dress, while the fourth person is in a dark suit. The setting is outdoors, with tall buildings visible in the background against a clear blue sky, suggesting daytime and fair weather
a moment at a wedding event where a bride and groom are descending a staircase. The faces of all individuals are obscured for privacy. The groom is on the right, dressed in formal attire, and the bride is on the left, wearing an elegant dress. There are three other individuals visible in the foreground, likely guests at the event. The setting is indoors with dim lighting, and candles placed on the stairs add to the ambiance, creating a sense of celebration and elegance.
bride getting into her dress helped by her friends on either side. Two female figures crouch down, holding the dress open on the ground as the bride lifts her leg and steps into the dress. This photo was taken in Ibiza.