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Unposed and relaxed wedding reportage | UK and destinations.

You see your wedding as a celebration of love – with the people you love.  You want pictures that reflect you – free from wedding clichés, formulas and templates.  You want to relax, be yourselves and to enjoy your day.

I care about giving you joyful, heartfelt, natural wedding photos on one of the most important days of your lives.   I want to deliver images that stick with you, that compel you, that grounds you to a halt and connects you back to that moment in time.  

Rather than idealised, you want real life; rather than sanitised, you want life in all it’s imperfect glory.  You want natural wedding photos that make your heart sing…and then shout louder as time goes by.  You view your big day as a celebration of life at a wedding; that there are possibilities for amusing and serendipitous to go with the extraordinarily beautiful, because you know a great song isn’t just a rousing chorus, and fairytales aren’t just about the Cinderellas!

Hello and welcome.  I’m Wayne La, a London-based documentary wedding photographer covering joyful occasions across the UK and beyond.

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“fantastic photographer, and all-round lovely chap..” – Sophie and Enric

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I’d love to hear from you if this sounds like your cup of tea. I’m based near London and Surrey and can be contacted at +44 7480 254 230 or [email protected]

London-based documentary wedding photography for creative and care-free couples.  Natural, unposed and driven by moments.



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