Award-winning wedding photography.  Driven by moments, made with love and crafted with care.  UK and Europe.

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No clichés​, no templates, no filters. 

You see your wedding as a celebration of love – with the people you love.  You want natural wedding photography that reflects you, unguarded and unscripted.

You believe that at weddings, there are possibilities for the amusing, serendipitous and precious to go with the extraordinarily beautiful, because a great song isn’t just a rousing chorus, and fairytales aren’t just about the Cinderellas!

I’m Wayne La and I’m an award-winning documentary wedding photographer in London covering joyful occasions across the UK and beyond.

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Unposed photo of bride and groom at Asian wedding
Wedding ceremony at Prestwold Hall
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It isn’t complicated

You want candid moments of you and love ones, composed with artistry and love and care as if every moment matters.

You want relaxed, authentic portraits because you’ve spent ages on hair and makeup and you’re looking particularly fine and dapper, and your attire is definitely not what you wear every day.

You want a few group shots because some family members might like a few formals on their mantelpiece.

You want photos that remain timeless, that you love as much in 10 years as you do now, that transcends vintage filters and Insta trends.

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real > pretty

feelings > aesthetics

timeless > trendy


Rather than idealised, you want real life; rather than sanitised, you want life in all it’s quirky glory.  You want natural wedding photos that make your heart sing…and then shout louder as time goes by.

Please do get in touch if my work and words resonates with you.

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I am

A wedding photographer who takes pictures as if every moment matters.  Photos made with love, crafted with care.