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Garden museum wedding

Kath and Dean

Kath and Dean garden museum wedding started in the heart of South London where they got married at the beautiful church, St Giles Camberwell, one fine spring afternoon. The sun cast long shadows and projected rays of light that made you squint if you faced it, but you couldn’t help yourself because the warmth tickled your face and relaxed your shoulders.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests ventured to the aptly named Garden Museum London, a hidden gem situated on the banks of the River Thames, directly opposite the iconic Houses of Parliament. This unique museum is dedicated to the art and history of gardens and horticulture in the UK. You’d think its appearance would be a shrine to horticulture but is in fact a converted church hiding a spacious, contemporary interior within its old brick walls.  

This central London wedding venue is provides an elegant and modern space adorned with clean lines and flattering lighting. Guests will be captivated by its blend of historic charm and contemporary design, all set against the backdrop of the scenic River Thames.

The Garden Museum is the perfect venue for a contemporary designed wedding reception right in the heart of London.

Ceremony – St. Giles’ Camberwell

Reception – Garden Museum


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