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Laura Crockett UK wedding celebrant
Laura Crockett, UK Wedding Celebrant

The question should be:  WHY NOT?

When you choose a wedding celebrant, no two ceremonies are the same. Every ceremony is written completely from scratch and is all about YOU and sharing your love story with your closest family and friends.

We’ll work together every step of the way to make sure your ceremony is everything you want and completely reflects you as a couple. You spend a lot of time and effort making your theme / favours / table plan personal so why not your ceremony as well? After all, it’s the whole reason you have a wedding in the first place!

Me walking down the aisle.  This is when I first caught the wedding bug.  As you can see, I like to keep my emotions to myself 🙂

Your ceremony should be where the party starts! Not the ‘boring bit’ you have to sit through before the drinks reception. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wedding ceremony to remember? A ceremony that makes your guests feel even closer to you as you start your journey in married life.

When it comes to what to include in your ceremony, the possibilities are endless. You can write your own vows, have your children or your dog as your ring bearer or even finish your ceremony with a sing-along! You can choose to have readings that are personal to you, like a favourite poem, or a quote from your favourite film or book. You can include special elements such as a unity candle, a wine or gin box ceremony, or you might decide to really get the party started with a round of tequila… ‘We’ve tied the knot so take a shot!’. Whatever you can think of, I’m here to help guide you with all the things that will make your perfect ceremony.

Our sparkler exit!

As for the legalities, this can be done before or after your wedding but most couples choose to do it a few days before. You just need to book an appointment to register your marriage in front of two witnesses and a registrar (this normally costs around fifty pounds but you’ll need to check with your local authority). If you wish to sign a certificate as part of your wedding ceremony this can still be done, and you can include as many friends / family as you like.

The best thing about choosing a celebrant is that from the moment you book, you are the priority. It’s completely normal to feel nervous on your wedding day and hopefully I can help take some of those nerves away. I spend the time getting to know you as a couple and this means by the time your wedding comes around, it’ll be a familiar face waiting for you at the end of the aisle instead of somebody you’ve just met. In the lead up to your wedding, we’ll have spent the months / years working together to create your perfect ceremony and you’ll know exactly what to expect on your big day.

I take great pride in all of the ceremonies that I write and there’s nothing like seeing couple’s faces on their wedding day as they celebrate their love for one another in front of the people that mean the most to them in the world.

Laura x

I’m a celebrant creating bespoke ceremonies in the South East,UK and Ibiza. You can contact me through my website and follow me on Instagram.


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