bride and groom wedding at severndroog castle



A perfect day in July for a wedding at Severndroog:  I’ve chosen the pictures that tell the day best and I close my eyes and write these words.  A stream. For once they flow because I’m writing (much like the pictures I take), for me. And I hope people like them.

One of those days when the clouds looked down and the sun burst through occasionally, deciding the most appropriate times to show it’s face.  Severndroog sits right in the heart of some ancient woodland, it’s age dotted by the signs of man. Well-trodden paths, public signposts and felled logs turned into something to rest on.  

Like the woodland, my photography is ever-changing.  It changes by the season, by the films I watch, by the books my children bring home from school, from the memories I recollect and the dreams I have.  I promise myself to take more pictures like these just like the time before that and before that. I decide in the end that I should stop making promises and just be open to change.

Helen and Simon are a delight.  They are at the frontline of serving the public and for that I give thanks.  Thanks that they chose me to preserve their memories, thanks for keeping us all safe and for educating our children.

South London: Sunset portraits.

Severndroog Castle: A wedding.

East Dulwich Tavern: The Party