Your wedding is a gathering of loved ones.  Often they’re friends from afar and relatives scattered wide but all deeply cherished – all there to celebrate with you.  I’d love to document it all: Love, life, laughter – all those precious human connections that you’ll want to remember.

My approach to documentary wedding photography is observational rather than orchestrated.  I believe moments unfold when you let them…so I let them.

I look for moments first – gestures, interactions, emotions, energy – because I believe your wedding photos should be a timeless heirloom, a record of a day that becomes more valuable as time passes by and the only things that remains timeless are real, authentic moments.

I’m not a fly-on-the wall or a ninja-with-a-Fuji but someone who is part of your wedding day.  I mingle, chat, laugh and in the evening, I’ll bust out a move or two.  My photography isn’t just about quiet observation and waiting for things to unfold…it’s about being in the thick of it, feeling connections and doing the best i can to inscribe it into a image.



Timeless Colour

About 90 percent of images I deliver are in colour because…well, because life is rich with colour. You won’t get filters that shout vintage, autumnal browns, or ‘aged industrial grit’ (yes, there is such a thing).  My editing is natural and light in touch to ensure the images speak for themselves, and for them to remain timeless in years to come. 


What are weddings without happiness and what is happiness without expressions?  Smiles of recognition, laughter of the moment, tears of joy and sometimes tinged with sadness – all captured to be remembered for years to come.

Quiet Moments

We have those big moments that happen on wedding days.  The first kiss, the first dance, the revealing of the dress…those must have shots that can’t be missed.  But weddings are full of little narratives that create your wedding day story. I’m there to capture those moments in between. 

Group Shots

Group shots: Although my approach is predominantly documentary wedding photography.  I’m also of the mind that weddings are for everyone and for some, group shots are important in that they provide a formal record of attendance, as well as grandma’s living room centerpiece.  We’ll communicate before the day to make sure these are done quickly so you and your guests can relax and just enjoy the day.

Your Little Details

I take pictures of everything.  Quite often these little details are hand chosen or hand-made so whether it’s table settings, cake, gifts or flowers..I’ll assume that everything is important and will make sure those details are part of your pictures. 


Think of them as your time alone from the maddening crowd.  My portraits are relaxed, fun and free from cheesy headbutts.  Let me know if you want a few and I’ll grab you when I feel you need a break.  

Layers and Depth

Pictures that tell a story are the holy grail of a documentary photographer, and a picture that successfully captures multiple characters and emotions in a single frame can give endless storytelling possibilities to that one moment in time.  A photo full of layers can be aesthetically dynamic and rich in emotions.

Anything You Need

Being unobtrusive doesn’t mean I’m invisible.  It means I won’t order you around or stage ‘moments’.  It also means I’m there for you if you need me.  Ask me about about button holes, how to cut the cake, the best first dance songs (in my opinion).  I’ve documented over 200 weddings and I put that experience to good use, even if it’s just as a reassuring presence.  

I am

A London-based documentary wedding photographer for creative and care-free couples.  Natural, unposed and driven by moments. UK and Europe.