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my playground, my meditation, my friend

I don’t know how many miles I’ve walked or how long I’ve spent waiting for an unsuccessful picture or even the hours I’ve spent wandering and wondering what the definition of a successful picture even is to me.

I tell myself that street photography is all about the enjoyment of the process, not the result.  It’s the journey, not the destination, right?

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You’re spontaneous, in-the-moment, creative and you want something a little different from the norm. You value real moments: that there are possibilities for amusing and serendipitous to go with the extraordinarily beautiful, because you know a great song isn’t just a rousing chorus, or a fairy-tale isn’t full of Cinderellas! I’d love to hear from you if this sounds like your cup of tea. I’m based near London and Surrey and can be contacted at +44 7480 254 230 or [email protected]

London-based documentary wedding photography for creative and care-free couples.  Natural, unposed and driven by moments.



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