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plum and dom


bride with flowers in her hair and holding bouquet at a rustic themed wedding

Plum and Dom wanted a relaxed, chilled day with their nearest and dearest, and to have photography that would reflect the bohemianism of it all.  To me that means picking out the most precious of moments from the ordinary, and making it as beautiful as can be; It means valuing what is authentic over the contrived; It means they wanted to chill the hell out and entrusted me with capturing the day as it unfolds.

I love pictures that draw you in, the ones that make you feel what it was like to be there. I love pictures that illicit a response, other than ‘oh doesn’t she look pretty in that dress’. I love pictures that remain relevant, longer after the flowers have have died and the dress has been put away. I love pictures the people can relate to.

Looking back at these pictures from their rustic themed wedding gave me goosebumps.  It wasn’t because of the wintry sun or the chilled air that followed – it was the realisation that once again, I got to document life and love as it happens; in all it’s chaotic ‘guise. Their children are beautiful. They got married under a tree and celebrated in a tipi, and as the night wore on, a fire was lit to warm the bodies, toast marshmallows, and illuminate conversation and gestures.

Tipi – Beautiful World Tents

Everything else with a little help from their friends.

bride and bridesmaids walking to ceremony at outdoor rustic themed wedding
bride and groom during ceremony
bride and groom kissing
portrait of bride and groom at Sussex wedding
tipis at outdoor wedding
fireworks at the end of the wedding


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