A Kent Garden Wedding

London Documentary Wedding Photographer

Wayne La

Kent Wedding Photography at Mount Ephraim.

I’ve documented many a fusion wedding and have witnessed the coming together of cultures and traditions from all over the world, but  in terms of a divide, none have come close to the chasm of this cultural gap caused by the physical barrier that is the River Thames.  That’s right: South London and North London.  Maria and Chris got married on the neutral grounds of Mount Ephraim in Kent, and the opposing clans temporarily downed arms to help them celebrate – rejoicing with beer, barbecue, and dancing!

In all seriousness, it was a great day that started calmly thanks to Maria and her girls’ super-early start, ascending to joviality with the introduction of men, and ended with almighty sing-along lead by the fantastic Four Seasons tribute band, Frankie’s Guys.

It was a shame we weren’t able to make the most of the spectacular gardens as it was unusually chilly, and everyone was reluctant to stray from the manor house, other than some brave children and the crafty cigarette crowd.

I love documenting weddings in it’s authentic form because the little moments happen if you just let them.  Maria and Chris’ wedding had plenty.  Have a look for yourself!

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