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nancy and sean


Unobtrusive and relaxed wedding photography.  London.

Wedding Ceremony – Saint Marylebone Parish Church

Reception – Inn 1888

If you asked me to describe my ideal wedding to photograph, you probably wouldn’t expect me to say ‘Over a hundred hot and sweaty people squeezed into a tiny London pub’, but if I’d continued with ‘…having an effing great time’ then you’re actually not far from the truth.

Weddings for me are occasions where people become jazzed up versions of themselves.  They’re a celebration where people dress smarter, where strangers make human connections facilitated by the common bond that is the happy couple, and where everyday cynicism and melancholy are swept aside by the tide of goodwill, well-wishes and of course, that feeling of love in the air.

Nancy and Sean got married in the magnificent St Marylebone Parish Church and celebrated in a little London pub.  The temperatures were balmy and people went barmy in helping this lovely couple celebrate their London wedding.  An old-time band played rock n’ roll classics and the creaking old floorboards, used to the brogues of ale session drinkers, heaved with the stomping of feet and drums.

Relaxed wedding photography: Such a great day full of moments and magic and here are the pictures to prove it.

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  1. Annie Hart

    Wow! I love these photographs. Not so much fly on the wall but inspired butterfly settling on the obvious and not so obvious compositions.
    And the introduction copy captured the day in words so succinctly. Well done all round, snapper.

    • Wayne La

      I love ‘Inspired butterfly’. Mind if I steal that? Thank you, Annie.


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