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Weddings are full of pomp, ceremony and traditions: The “I do’s”, the confetti toss, cutting of the cake, the first dance…all lend to recognisable and sometimes spectacular pictures, but beneath that glossy veneer there is the real stuff; The thread that knits your tapestry of a day together, along with its frayed edges and loose threads.

These two creative creatures: Anj; the poet, and Hark; the photographer had an Indian wedding celebration at Dulwich College and it was full of frayed edges: Droplets of milk on beards from breakfast, the family struggle of putting on the ribbons on the wedding car, the awkward eating of canapes, the indifferent look of strangers when they notice a camera is pointed at them, the show of vulnerability that’s prevalent in the best of weddings….

Then they celebrated like I’ve never seen.

Decor – Floral Jems https://www.floraljems.co.uk/

Caterers – Greenleaf https://www.greenleafservices.com/

DJ – Dance Bhangra London Videographer – SH Weddings

Bridal Make-up – Andrada Rusu https://www.instagram.com/andradarusumakeup/

We both come from different cultures. Anjali is Gujarati and Harkaran is Punjabi so it’s very much a mix of two backgrounds. The Civil ceremony will be intimate and romantic with a harpist and poetry readings. We’re keeping this section of the day quite simple and dressing in traditional Indian attire (think bright colours/patterns amongst greenery on a hopefully sunny day!). We are big music lovers so we’re super excited to have fun with our loved ones at the Reception. This is being held in a beautiful school hall with (minimal wedding decor) overlooking green lawns. This is going to be a really multicultural event with lots of energy, drinking, dancing and loud music! We’ve been together for 6 years and already move through the world like a married couple. We just want the day to be a fun celebration of our love!


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