How I Do It

I pride myself on delivering beautiful, creative, in-the-moment photos, but just as important is to provide you with a super-easy, uncomplicated, friendly experience.  Here’s a quick overview!

Booking me

Once you’ve decided I’m the right photographer for you, I’ll start the process of getting you on-board.

Through my spiffy client system, I’ll send you a link to your personal client portalIt’s a secure location where you can accept quotes, sign contracts, complete questionnaires, pay invoices and view event details.

Getting to know each other

Some couples are fine with me rocking up on the day to do my thing, others feel more comfortable with getting to know each other first so if locations allow, we’ll set up a time for a chat over a coffee or a glass of wine.

Of course, I’m there whenever you need me.  Get in touch anytime you want to pick my brains or looking for a bit of wedding inspiration.

Before the wedding

When you’re in your client area, you’ll see a document called ‘wedding day questionnaire’ which asks you to fill in details such as locations, key timings, group shots, important details.  Fill this in, in your own time!  We’ll have a phone call a fortnight before the big day to go over the questionnaire and to make sure i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

On the day

Wherever I’m starting, whether it’s morning prep or straight to the ceremony, you’ll be sure I’ll be there a little early to beat the traffic, settle in with a cup of tea and have a scout around for photo locations.  I’ll check in first to say hello 🙂

Just relax and enjoy your day

Think of me as a guest with a camera. I won’t ask you to smile or to turn your head this and that way.  My photography is about observing rather than orchestrating because I want your photos to be an authentic record of your wedding as it happened, not what the photographer told you to do.

Group shots

Your ushers have the list of groupings so they’ll be gathering people together and I’ll take the photo.  Let’s get these group photos done quickly so we can get you back to the party.


I love to create natural, creative portraits that are reflective of your personality.  Let me know if want a few and I’ll whisk you away for 15 minutes when the light is nice and the moment is quiet.


When all is said and done

Whether it’s back to work, a few days of post-wed recovery bliss, or a full-on honeymoon on a warm sunny beach, you can be rest assured that your photos are fully backed up and ready to be edited.

Your photos will be delivered via a sexy gallery where you’ll be able to download and share until your heart’s content.  You also have the option of purchasing prints and frames  directly from the gallery which gives you a much better experience than queuing at Boots or Snappy Snaps, and thanks to my pro printing lab in Scotland, are of much better quality too.

I aim to get your gallery ready within 4 weeks!


What’s next?

After viewing pages ‘one’, ‘two’ and ‘three’, I hope it’s given you a good overview on me, my approach and what you can expect from me.  There’s plenty more to see if you’d like to check out the links below.







I am

A London-based documentary wedding photographer for creative and care-free couples.  Natural, unposed and driven by moments. UK and Europe.