City of London Wedding

Catriona and Haakon’s Norwegian / Scottish wedding.
Wayne La, London wedding photographer.
As a documentary wedding photographer, I’m drawn to connections.  Sometimes they’re between strangers; Sometimes between the everyday familar faces; Sometimes between different cultures, mashed together into these special occasions that are weddings.  
“We met in a london pub.  And then another pub, and then another, and another…” says Cat.  And so it it was apt that they’d be celebrating their wedding in one.  The Counting House, a lovely old Fuller’s in London’s old Square Mile, famous for serving pie and ale to the city workers, but on this evening it was hosting a rousing Celtic party  punctuated with Nordic sing-songs.  
Cat and Haak were wed in The Norwegian Church, somewhere in Rotherhithe where they not only officiate wedding ceremonies, but help you celebrate by serving champagne and baby-waffles.  They then had a party in a pub, where they served champagne and mini meat pies.  

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