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vidhi and johan


One evening I was sitting on my computer right in the middle of an editing frenzy, debating whether (as someone who is sensitive to caffeine) it was too late to have another cup of coffee, when I received an email that I’ve condensed to “Wayne, we’re getting married in a couple of weeks.  Brexit, you see. Are you available?”.

As I was about to respond, my phone started to ring and on the other line was the sender of the email sitting on a noisy bus. “Wayne. Are you available?”.  “Yes I am”. Which is pretty much the start and end of the conversation.

Vidhi liked my pictures because, in her words, they were ‘chaotic’.  My follow up thoughts were that due to the last-minute nature of the preparations, it was likely the wedding would be too.

Grateful that their families were able to fly in at such short notice: Vidhi’s from India, Johan’s from Reunion Island, they got married in a short ceremony at the local town hall then headed to the delightful surrounds of Chenies Manor Wedding in Hertfordshire for a relaxed Indian wedding ceremony.

It was one of those days when there were periods of waiting around, then all hands on deck, then lots of shrugging of shoulders acknowledging nobody knows what’s happening next.  That made it sound stressful.  It wasn’t.  It really was a joyous occasion where people enjoyed the lulls, comforted by the thought that it was all going to turn out great.


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