In Practice

Candid wedding photo of bride and groom laughing

Candid wedding photography.  Three words that describe an approach, a practice, an intention.  But simplicity in its description doesn’t mean its simple in practice.

Not all photographers approach candid photography with the same mindset or the same talent. And to say that all photos of unstaged moments are the same because they follow the ethos of ‘no posing here’ is to do this art form a disservice.

And it is an artform.  At its most base level, unposed wedding photography would be just a formal record, a documentary of who attended on the day, what the venue looked like, what you you wore.  But in the hands of a skilled photographer, they would elevate those very same scenes into art. Imagine that: Pictures full of depth and character, rich in feeling and full of interest. 


When there are conviction and dedication to the craft (and a smattering of talent), unposed wedding photography is a beautiful art-form: Fleeting moments timed to perfection, beautifully framed compositions and (if the photography gods are feeling kind), some kind of light – the result is photography that is compelling, interesting, possessing of feeling, and sometimes with the ability to astonish.

candid photo of bride and bridesmaids in rain