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clare and will


Weddings are occasions that muddle the emotions.  They’re a conduit that allows us to celebrate the here and now whilst reminiscing about the past and at the same time, we raise toasts and hopes for the future.  They’re confusing because the celebrations make us happy and yet we’re often touched by a sense of melancholy that accompanies the beginning of new chapters.

As always I don’t want to delve too much into the whats and wheres of a wedding because reading about the minutiae isn’t for anybody’s interest other than Google’s.  What I will say is that this Berkshire wedding was truly special for so many reasons: Clare’s beautifully expressive face alongside Will’s expression of wonderment.  Will’s granny’s garden bullseyed by a massive tent and a roasting cow. And People. Lots of people of varying seniority and eccentricities showing the happy couple how they dearly love celebrating with them and challenging the photographer to do his best to capture it all: With creativity, with heart, with involvement…unposed of course.

Songbird Weddings – awesome wedding planner

Helsby Tents – The great tipi

Wild Stems – The beautiful florals

Storme Makeup and Hair

Guerrilla Ceilidh


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