and breathe


“The day just flew by” or “it was all a bit of a blur” are phrases you’ll hear all the time. 

Months, sometimes years of planning that culminate in a remarkable day that you’ll relive through your memories and will constantly surface through photos, videos, conversations. 

Open your eyes and stay in the moment because in the future you’ll close your eyes and try to remember it all.

Those rituals and ceremonies: Walking down the aisle; The proclamation that you’re now man and wife;  Eyes on you as you slow dance your first dance.

Then remember those small ones moments: The flutters of butterflies at the realisation; your partner’s eyes when they see you; your partner’s face when it’s official; your heartbeat

Try not to: be the wedding planner; be the chief organizer; be the standards bearer; get caught in the storm; think too far ahead.

Try to: be the eye of the storm; be demanding of prosecco / tea; be in the moment; be present; and most importantly – trust your photographer.



Why Choose a Wedding Celebrant?

Why Choose a Wedding Celebrant?

Guest post by Laura Crockett, UK Wedding Celebrant Website InstagramWhy choose to have a wedding celebrant? The question should be:  WHY NOT?  When you choose a wedding celebrant, no two ceremonies are the same. Every ceremony is written completely from scratch and is...

Warehouse Wedding Venues in London

Warehouse Wedding Venues in London

Couples choosing to get married in London are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding venues.  We're not short of Georgian townhouses, boutique hotels, creative art spaces and Victorian built gastropubs in this part of the world but there are a multitude of reasons...

Wedding at Severndroog Castle

Wedding at Severndroog Castle

WEDDING AT SEVERNDROOG CASTLEHELEN AND SIMON  A perfect day in July for a wedding at Severndroog:  I’ve chosen the pictures that tell the day best and I close my eyes and write these words.  A stream. For once they flow because I’m writing (much like the pictures...

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