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alternative wedding photography: a quirky, non-traditional approach

1. Photographing traditional rituals with a contemporary lens

Weddings are pure theatre, aren’t they? Whether cosy and intimate, or grand and elaborate, weddings are a series of rituals that bring people together to celebrate one of life’s most important milestones – getting married! At the ceremony, there is the heightened anticipation of the words ‘I do’; there is the theatrical symbolism of unity that is the cake-cutting; there is the first dance where guests wonder about which song will be played, and for the couple, the realisation that perhaps they should’ve rehearsed a little. These time-honoured traditions are symbolic and are the cornerstones of what we recognise as part of a wedding day. They are memorable because of the shared experience: the spectacle, the joy, the theatre! I’m there to capture it all with an artistic eye, and you can you can relax knowing I won’t miss a beat. 

2. Sensitively observed photos of the apparent ordinary

The legendary contemporary photographer, Martin Parr said it: “It’s very difficult to take a good photo of ordinary life’. And he’s right. As an alternative wedding photographer, these unassuming vignettes of the apparent ordinary, are worthy of the same effort and craft that goes into the extraordinary. It’s a celebration of spontaneity, of being in the moment, of the imperfect. And often, these organic snapshots take on a meaningful and timeless quality, as they are outside the ‘wedding photography’ template. Much of weddings are guests chatting, mingling, milling, waiting. But there is humour and warmth, even if they are a little hidden away, and they deserve the same level of craft and consideration as the more glamorous aspects of a wedding.

3. Playful and quirky

Playful and quirky wedding photography does not mean silly or satirical. Weddings, apart from being rituals of union, are social events rich with interaction and characters. We all make an effort when we’re at a wedding. We want to look our best, feel our best, and then we can put our best foot forward, to embrace that undeniable sense of joy. Our mood is lightened by those around us and the purpose with we gather. With my approach to alternative wedding photography, a dedication to seeking out authentic, hidden moments, an eye for innovative composition, your photos will be an artistic and timeless report of how people interact with their surrounds and with each other.

4. Colour

Crimson sunsets, azure skies, blue shade. Most of us see the world in colour, we dream in colour. Colour conveys realism at its most vibrant or it can evoke nostalgia and memory, and to bring us closer to a world that we remember. You will receive a handful of black and white edits where appropriate, but the majority will be in colour, edited for accuracy and a natural timelessness. 

5. Making art from your wedding day

I know wedding photography can sometimes fall into the trap of formulaic clichés, and I strive to break free from those conventions to create artful, original photographs that truly capture the essence of your special day. I produce photos that evoke a sense of authenticity and character, but with a contemporary perspective that will capture the attention of those who enjoy the visual arts, far beyond the realms of ‘wedding photography.